Are Motorized Shades Worth It?

Motorized shades have become increasingly popular over the past few years. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering whether the additional cost of motorized shades is worth it in your home. Motorized shades add a level of convenience to your home, can help with energy savings in a variety of different ways, are much safer for children, help with privacy, and their ease of use is extremely appealing for older adults as well.

When you factor in all of these reasons, you will soon realize that the answer to the question of are motorized shades worth it is a resounding yes!

3 Main Types of Motorized Shades

Before we get into the biggest reasons that make motorized shades worth it, it’s important to know the few different types of motorized shades. 

Window shades come in many different shapes and forms, and the three most common motorized shades are honeycomb, roller, and solar shades.

Each type of motorized shade has its own distinct styles, benefits, and of course, prices.

The style of motorized shade you pick can vary based on what you’re looking for in a shade, what room you’re planning to put it in, and how you want it to complement your home.

motorized honeycomb shades
Motorized Honeycomb Shades by Alta Window Fashions

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are an extremely energy-efficient and customizable type of motorized shade.

Honeycomb shades get their name from the shade’s pattern that has air pockets inside the shade, similar to a bee’s honeycomb. The air space inside the shade helps insulate the home from temperature changes and sound.

The honeycomb structure is great at keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, helping you save money on your energy bills.

Honeycomb shades, as with all motorized shades, have no visible cords or cord holes, which is a great benefit for a couple reasons. There’s one less thing to worry about having to maintain, they’re safer around children, and no holes only furthers the honeycomb shade’s insulatory effects. 

Honeycomb shades are also extremely customizable in both color and function.

Blended Blinds offers honeycomb shades in a variety of colors, styles, and fabric options.

You can pick whether you want your shades to be bottom-up, top-down, or both, and for fabric, you can choose between sheer, semi-sheer, translucent, or blackout shade fabric.

At the end of the day, honeycomb shades are a soft and lovely shade that are sure to make your room feel beautiful and elegant.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are another type of extremely common motorized shade.

Solar shades are traditionally one sheet of fabric that’s made with a coated material that is finely and tightly woven to provide coverage from both light and heat. Solar shades, which you could probably guess, are great for rooms with a lot of sun exposure.

They do a great job of blocking light and reducing sun glare.

Additionally, the coated material will help eliminate your exposure to harmful UV rays and prevent your furniture from fading. Just like honeycomb shades, solar shades are also great at insulating your home and keeping your energy bills low. 

Solar shades can also be customizable to your desired light inflow.

With Blended Blinds, you can decide whether you want solar shades to be transparent, translucent, or blackout.

motorized roller shades
Motorized Roller Shades by Alta Window Fashions

Roller Shades

Roller shades are a highly popular type of motorized shade.

Roller shades are one sheet of fabric that gets wound around a bar at the top of a window- this bar then rolls up and down, thereby raising or lowering the sheet. It’s a clean and simple design that is easy to motorize, as a remote will spin the bar one way or another, raising or lowering your shade. 

Roller shades also have no visible cords or cord holes, and generally have a very clean, modern look.

Additionally, a very common combination is the solar/roller shade, where the piece of fabric that gets rolled is a solar shade. Both roller and solar shades are easy to clean, since they’re just one sheet of fabric.

Roller shades are fantastic for bedrooms because, when measured and installed by Blended Blinds professionals, they will do a fantastic job of blocking out light.

Blended Blinds offers solar and roller shades in three basic styles: transparent, translucent, or blackout. Additionally, Blended Blinds utilizes mermet fabrics for solar shades, which are a great choice for the sustainability-minded user.

Motorized Roller Shades by Alta Window Fashions

Why are Motorized Shades Worth it?

Ultimately, motorized shades are more expensive than traditional shades.

However, there are a few fantastic reasons why motorized shades are worth it. 


The convenience that motorized shades will add to your day-to-day life is comparable to the convenience that a TV remote adds. Just like how it’s incredibly time-consuming to walk to the TV every time you want to change the channel, the same goes for shades.

It’s much easier to simply click a button whenever you want your shades to go up or down.

Automated Energy Savings

We’ve already discussed in great detail how honeycomb and solar shades are great for energy savings.

You can then leverage the power of motorized shades to fully realize their energy saving potential, such as by programming your shades to lower and block the light and heat during the day when nobody is home.

Child Safety

As every parent knows, cords and strings are a serious choking hazard.

Since motorized shades just use a remote and have no need for cords or strings, they’re a great choice for keeping young children safe and allowing parents to have a little bit of peace of mind. 


Motorized shades are also great for privacy!

They help prevent strangers from looking into your home at all times throughout the day. 

Ease of Use

Motorized shades are also a great option for those whose mobility is more limited, such as the elderly or physically disabled. The ease of simply pressing a button to control your shades is extremely beneficial for those who may struggle to move around freely.

As you can see, there are many reasons why motorized shades are worth it. If you’re still on the fence, you should think about inquiring with your local blind company.

If you live in the Denver, Colorado area, there is no better blind company to work with than Blended Blinds. Not only do they offer a free in-home consultation, but they will then work with you during every step from measuring your windows, choosing the proper motorized shade, and installing your new, gorgeous, functional, motorized shades. 

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