Benefits of Plantation Shutters

When picking out window furnishings, it doesn’t just end at blinds, curtains, or drapes. Plantation shutters are a classic and timeless design that can provide practical benefits while adding a beautiful and crisp design element to any space. At Blended Blinds, we’re excited to be offering the new Eclipse shutters, designed with a new UltraSatin finish that will spruce up the look of your home or business.

Investing in Eclipse plantation shutters for your home or business is well worth it, the versatility of this window furnishing will provide better value to your space compared to traditional window coverings. When you consider privacy, light control, energy efficiency, durability, and the overall practicality of Eclipse shutters, you’ll soon realize Eclipse shutters are worth the investment.

Eclipse plantation shutters in kitchen
SOURCE: Plantation Shutters Gallery

Energy Efficiency

What makes plantation shutters so practical is that it allows your home or business to be more energy-efficient. Having a home with Eclipse shutters will help create better insulation barriers between the inside of your property and the outside.

Eclipse plantation shutters are built with pockets of air designed into the louver and its frame parts. This helps reduce heat gain while providing adequate insulation during the colder months. Additionally, a built-in ultraviolet protection coat reflects the strong sun rays away from your property, preventing too much heat from being absorbed inside.

Getting plantation shutters installed can result in a reduction in your utility bills because your heating and cooling system will have to work less to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.


Eclipse shutters are GREENGUARD Gold certified for their ability to eliminate the growth of harmful mold and mildew, and for their low chemical emissions. This certification also ensures that these types of shutters are suitable for sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools. Additionally, plantation shutters are fire-retardant and meet the National Fire Protection Agency’s NFPA701 standards, and don’t require extra coats or coverings to help protect against fire hazards.

When combined with a locking system, plantation shutters can help serve as an additional security measure by acting as another physical barrier to the property. The security benefits are significant enough that some insurance companies offer lower premiums for homes with plantation shutters.

Eclipse plantation shutters in living room
SOURCE: Plantation Shutters Gallery

Maintenance and Durability

Another benefit of Eclipse plantation shutters is that they are easy to care for. Plantation shutters are microbial resistant and non-porous, unlike curtains which can trap allergens and mold within their fabrics.

Plantation shutters are also rust, crack, mildew, and even warp-resistant. These types of damages are usually caused by water and high humidity, but thankfully, Eclipse shutters are waterproof – making them suitable for environments with high levels of moisture and humidity.

When it comes to cleaning drapes and curtains, it can be a time-consuming and sometimes expensive task. To ensure proper cleaning of fabric window coverings, all dust must be removed. You might end up requiring a dry cleaning service depending on the fabric.

Cleaning shutters is a different, and much shorter story. The best way to clean your shutters is to take a damp cloth or duster and go over the surface. To top it off, Eclipse shutters are built with a protective barrier against UV rays, which will prevent yellowing or fading. This will ensure your shutters always look fresh and clean, even years after installation.


Unlike blinds, plantation shutters can give you more control of the light coming into a room, allowing you to set the ambiance of your home exactly to your liking. The louvers of plantation shutters can be controlled by the center or rear tilt-bars. This allows you to position your shutters perfectly, creating the right amount of visibility and giving you full control over your privacy.

Plantation shutters can also serve as a physical barrier in controlling the amount of noise that enters your space. This is especially beneficial if you are in an area with high levels of noise pollution. Plantation shutters will allow for a quieter space inside the home compared to using blinds or curtains, making it easier to relax.

Eclipse plantation shutters in home
SOURCE: Plantation Shutters Gallery

Customizable Design

Eclipse shutters are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and frames, guaranteed to fit any decor and interior style. Plantation shutters provide your property with a simple and classic design that won’t age, so there’s no need to worry about updating your look to keep up with interior design trends.

While plantation shutters execute a timeless style, it’s also easy to customize their material, style, color, shape, and size to suit individual preferences. Additionally, the new Eclipse plantation shutters include an UltraSatin finish that reflects the matte and lustrous look of painted wood, adding the perfect touch of elegance to any space.

Choose Plantation Shutters for Your Home!

Eclipse plantation shutters are some of the most desirable window furnishings on the market and Blended Blinds can help you customize your shutters to suit your space perfectly. Our Eclipse plantation shutters come with a 25-year warranty, which is one of the best in the industry!

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