Looking for blinds in Colorado? Blended Blinds is a local window treatment company that offers a variety of products and prices, featuring both faux wood and real wood blinds exclusively from Alta Window Fashions.

Colorado, as you may know, has plenty of sunny days. Sometimes that’s great; other times it’s too much light and warmth entering your home. Both faux wood and real wood blinds are great options for controlling the amount of light while not fading or losing their color.

Both options of blinds here in Colorado check the boxes in the following areas:

  • Price point – both options of Colorado blinds are cost-efficient and last a long time, as well.
  • Dry, hot climate – faux wood and real wood blinds don’t fade with the harsh UV rays that they block from entering your home.
  • Durability – both blinds are quite sturdy and built to last, saving you money in the long run.
  • Color options – all blinds come in a wide variety of colors. Click on the orange dropdowns below to see the number of color options for both faux wood and real wood blinds.

2″ & 2.5 FAUX WOOD

Features and Benefits
Material Polymer

Vane Size 2" / 2.5"

Colors 20 options

Textures Smooth, grained, sandblasted

System Wand/cord tilt, Cord Pull, Cordless Lift

Motorization Yes

Child Safety Yes

Light Control Good

Privacy Excellent

UV Protection Excellent

Maintenance Easy

Sizes Up To Width: 108"

Height: 120"

Faux Wood blinds have the look of real wood blinds and are available in a variety of whites and wood tones. Faux Wood blinds handle humidity like no other blind and require little maintenance. They are the perfect choice for your window whether you are looking for the traditional essence of real wood or the style of painted wood.

2″ & 2 3/8″ REAL WOOD

Features and Benefits
Material Basswood

Vane Size 2" & 2 3/8

Colors 14 options

Textures Smooth

System Wand/cord tilt, Cord Pull, Cordless Lift

Motorization Yes

Child Safety Yes

Light Control Good

Privacy Excellent

UV Protection Excellent

Maintenance Easy

Sizes Up To Width: 96"

Height: 120"

Real Wood blinds are the traditional choice for elegant and decorative designing. The durable paint and rich wood stains add the warmth and beauty of wood to any room. Real Wood blinds are available in a variety of colors and varied sizes which allow for a range of looks to choose from.

Benefits of Blinds

When it comes to window treatments, blinds are some of the most popular, affordable, and practical options available.

Whether you’re looking for aesthetic or practicality, here are a few reasons why blinds are a great idea for your home.

Blinds are Less Expensive

Generally speaking, between time and materials involved, blinds are the least expensive route.

They can be cheaper to buy and install (not a lot of parts that make up blinds) compared to other window treatment options, especially if you choose faux wood blinds over real wood blinds.

Blinds Allow for More Control Over Light

Unlike other types of window treatments, blinds give you more control over the amount of light entering the room.

There are many different ways to manipulate your blinds and the light. For example, with the drawstring, you can pull up the blinds to expose any amount of the window. You can also angle the slats on the blinds from the top or the bottom, which controls the angle at which the light enters the room.

Blinds are Low Maintenance

Anytime the words “low maintenance” are found on the same page as “home” or “window treatments”, it’s a win.

Blinds tend to have a harder, slicker surface, which makes it easy to just grab a damp cloth and give them a quick wipe down every so often. Even just a duster will usually do the trick. For those harder stains, a little cleaning solution added to your damp cloth will do.

Compare this to cleaning curtains or even honeycomb shades, and you’ll see just how much easier horizontal blinds are to keep clean.

Blinds Last Longer

Whether your blinds are made of wood, faux wood, plastic, vinyl, or any other type of the wide variety of materials, you can usually expect blinds to last more than 15 years.

The materials are more durable than fabric and other types of materials of other window treatments, which means they won’t fade, stain or discolor. They’re also more prone to everyday wear and tear. And, if/when that time does come when they’ve faded or have been worn down, our blinds have a lifetime limited warranty, so you won’t have to worry about that, either.

Now, there are some disadvantages to blinds, like temperature control, insulation, and soundproofing. However, if you combine blinds with other window treatment options like curtains, you’ll have the ultimate room.

Also, the slats can get bent or broken, but they can very easily (and inexpensively) be replaced.

If you’re wondering if blinds are the best window treatment option for your home, give Blended Blinds a call.

We offer free, in-home consultations where we can give more of our input and expertise. Give us your ideas and your vision, and we’ll give you options!

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